Business Continuity - Doing Business With Cisco

Supporting Our Customers During Crisis

We know that your business continuity is important to your success. To mitigate potential disruption during a crisis, we help ensure business continuity for our key functions that impact your business.

We monitor situations impacting business operations globally to help ensure business continuity.

Cisco focuses on two capabilities, crisis management and business continuity, to maintain a state of readiness to bounce back, providing continuous support for customers.

We proactively assess and mitigate potential disruptions through dynamic development of business continuity plans. Our corporate business continuity team conducts tests against these plans and makes sure that the individual functions' plans are effective and up-to-date.

These plans help us deliver effective support to you during a disaster to protect your stakeholders and maintain business continuity. Please read our Q&A for details regarding Cisco's Business Resiliency program, including Business Continuity Management, Incident and Crisis Management, Vendor Resiliency and Disaster Recovery. If you would like more information about our program, contact your Cisco Sales Representative.