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Case Study: Barrick Gold

Smart mining is safer and more efficient

Barrick Gold partnered with Cisco to unleash the full potential of mining through technology. Its underground Wi-Fi network is paying off big dividends in terms of visibility, safety, and dependability. Now mine operators can see and understand what’s happening in real-time by tracking equipment, people, and ore as they are on the move.



  • Enhance safety, productivity and efficiency in its mines
  • Unlock the potential of data to build a more collaborative, connected organization
  • Extend and improve the wireless network to cover a 13.5-mile underground tunnel system


  • Visibility of potential issues like detecting low engine oil pressure saves up to 72 hours of downtime, or a $500,000 engine replacement
  • Using tele-remote and autonomous technology, miners can operate equipment from the surface via remote control
  • Automated drilling has enhanced safety and added between 3-13 additional drilled tons per day
  • Using detailed data, one site gained 33 minutes of active productive time per day, creating a daily throughput gain of 198 tons

What they're saying

"Harnessing the potential of digital technology will unlock value across our business. In so doing, we will make ourselves into a leading 21st century company—enhancing safety, productivity and efficiency at our mines, and improving decision-making and performance across every area of our business."

John L. Thornton, Executive Chairman, Barrick Gold Corporation

Who is Barrick Gold?

Industry: Mining
Location: Toronto, Canada
Company Size: 20,000 employees