Collaboration Room Endpoints

Customize meeting rooms with video conferencing to evolve team collaboration.

Find the room system for your meeting needs

Cisco Spark Board

A new team collaboration device, Cisco Spark Board combines wireless presentation, digital white boarding, and high-quality audio and video conferencing in one easy-to-use device.

MX Series Endpoints

Turn any conference room into a video conferencing hub. Connect teams, customers, and partners face to face. Model options provide flexibility to deploy and scale to meet your needs.

Cisco Spark Room Series

Bring more intelligence and usability into meeting rooms. New capabilities enable even smarter meetings and smarter room and device integrations – further removing barriers to usage of video.

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Accelerate teamwork

Get a quick tour of Cisco Spark Board to see how you can help teams collaborate.


Secure whiteboarding

Learn how your content stays secure with Cisco Spark and Cisco Spark Board.


Build better workspaces

See how different meeting scenarios give teams new ways to work together and innovate.


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