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Cisco Powered Cloud and Managed Services

Accelerate your business with cutting-edge technology that delivers superior performance. Use Cisco Powered cloud and managed services from qualified partners.

Collaboration Cloud Services

Unified Communications as a Service (based on HCS)

Get unified voice, video, data, and mobility communications at a fixed cost, with lower risk. Make it easier for people to connect devices and access applications, such as videoconferencing and calendaring, anytime, anywhere.

Contact Center as a Service (based on HCS)

Strengthen customer loyalty, increase revenue, and cut costs. Run your contact center completely in the cloud. Use the latest contact center technology and applications without a large capital investment.

Video and TelePresence as a Service

Take advantage of "in-person," face-to-face collaboration to help your business make critical decisions faster, increase productivity with less travel, reinvent customer service models, and accelerate sales cycles.

Infrastructure Cloud Services

Cloud Service for Infrastructure as a Service

Use IT resources more flexibly with on-demand computing, memory, and storage resources within the cloud. Develop and test new applications before wide-scale deployment. Self-provision and manage network, computing, and memory profiles.

Desktop as a Service

DaaS solutions provide scalable, cost-effective, and highly secure cloud-based virtual desktop subscription services. These benefits are delivered "as-a-service," with no upfront capital investments. They include self-service access, on demand provisioning, and use-based pricing.

Disaster Recovery as a Service

Cisco Powered Disaster Recovery as a Service helps ensure business continuity if a catastrophic event occurs at key sites, with minimal or no CapEx.

Cloud Cell Architecture for SAP HANA

Use this service to plan, build, and manage a Cisco SAP HANA solution. The Cisco Reference Architecture covers a cell-based design for SAP HANA, along with management and orchestration, a scalable network design, security, and isolation.

Network Cloud Services

Cisco Powered Hosted Security as a Service

Boost security for your web and email applications, cut your capital and operational costs, and simplify your corporate network security strategy. With cloud-based security services, you can protect your business while reducing expenses.

Managed Services for Collaboration

Managed Business Communications Services

Transform your business and communications experience with managed services. Unify voice, video, data, and mobility communications at a fixed cost with less risk. Help your users connect devices and access applications, such as videoconferencing and calendaring, anytime and anywhere.

Managed Unified Contact Center Services

Centralize your contact center infrastructures and software with unified services, flexible deployment models, and a full suite of contact management features to improve your contact center. Features include multichannel skills-based routing, network-level IP call switching control, and integrated web collaboration tools.

Managed Business Video Services

Bring your business collaboration to the next level by taking full advantage of in-person video telepresence capabilities at a fixed cost with less risk.

Managed Services for Connectivity

Intelligent WAN as a Service

Work with a partner that offers this service to gain visibility into application SLA metrics, optimize WAN performance for key business applications, improve employee experience and productivity, and control your WAN spending.

Managed Internet Services

Provide efficient, low cost, and highly secure Internet services to users, regardless of location or access method. Provide access over Managed Ethernet networks using Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) high-speed links or local loops that are provisioned from the Internet backbone to customer premises.

Managed Internet Protocol Trunking Services

Transform your traditional voice-only trunk into a converged voice and data IP connection using Session Initiation Protocol (SIP). It provides the crucial connection between your customer premises equipment (CPE) and your service provider's network. Services include basic connectivity, emergency services, dial plan management and operator services, and local and long-distance call connections.

Managed Metro Ethernet Services

Experience high-speed, highly secure connectivity and direct access to the Internet across a metropolitan access network (MAN) or regional area. Provide access over a dedicated, carrier-class IP backbone while maintaining existing ATM and Frame Relay services.

Managed MPLS VPN Services

Experience customized levels of privacy, security, quality of service (QoS), and manageability with site-to-site managed MPLS VPN services. MPLS blends the intelligence of routing with the performance of switching. It converges data, voice, video, and wireless technologies over a single IP network with a higher degree of security and end-to-end QoS monitoring capabilities. This helps support mission-critical applications.

Service Provider Wi-Fi

Cisco Service Provider Wi-Fi is a carrier-grade solution providing a platform to business and service innovation for operators trying to keep pace with their customers' mobile data traffic demands.

Data Services over Satellite

Providers supporting remote locations depend on satellite access to provide the connectivity for users to communicate with centrally located resources. This DSoS design provides the quality of service and consistent policy application for a scalable solution that avoids the one-off solutions that are currently purpose-built for each satellite access customer.

Managed Security

Prevent unauthorized visitors with Managed Firewall Services. Protect your network with Managed Intrusion Prevention and Detection Services. Protect critical business applications and data with Managed Secure MPLS Services.

Cisco Powered offers are best-in-class, flexible, and scalable cloud and managed services that are designed to help you achieve faster time-to-value. You will benefit from superior levels of service, security, and 24-hour support from Cisco partners who undergo rigorous certification and a third-party audit of their solutions.

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