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DNA Analytics and Assurance

Turn data into intuition

Put your data to work. Get 360-degree contextual insights across users, devices, and applications. Assure network performance with real-time and historical data analytics, to learn, adapt, and even detect problems before they happen.

You probably can't play fetch with a T. rex, but you can travel back in time to troubleshoot your wired and wireless networks.

Automate network performance management

Simplify management

Make it easy with a single user interface. Analytics uncovers the issues, then suggests solutions.

Improve the user experience

Monitor for trends that may impact performance, and drive remediation suggestions.

Turn insights into action

Pinpoint problems with best practices based on 30 years of Cisco expertise.

Plan more effectively

Test configurations based on Analytics modeling before you deploy. Fine-tune for optimal performance.

Optimizing for wireless assurance

DNA Center Assurance

DNA Center is your command and control for network assurance. Understand your network's health and troubleshoot issues.

Apple and Cisco: Wi-Fi analytics for iOS

Not all performance issues are about the network. Get a device-level view of your wireless network.

Aironet 4800 Access Point

Keep your network running correctly. Intelligent Capture provides instant network analysis and issue detection.

Getting started

Drastically improve issue resolution

Reduce network failures caused by human error in four easy steps.

What’s inside Cisco DNA Analytics and Assurance

Centralized management

This single pane of glass provides an easy-to-understand dashboard for network analytics tasks. You can view and take action on the output from a single interface.

Data collection and analytics

DNA Center Assurance collects multiple data sources and continuously checks that the network honors the expressed intent for services and policies at all times.

It’s about time

See how wireless assurance can give you the insight you need to solve network

See what our customers are saying

"With the help of DNA Assurance, we are able to reduce the time to troubleshoot. We now have a lot of data which we can reuse and model to improve the student quality while they are on-site utilizing our infrastructure."

- Robin Mok, Senior Communications Engineer, University of Wollongong

"DNA Center helps me find problems proactively, before users contact me. With a mostly wireless network, I'm able to find devices throughout the network and quickly solve any problems with the help of analytics."

- Manuel Ortiz III, Senior Wireless Engineer, Houston Methodist Hospital

Start your journey today

Solve problems faster. Improve operational efficiency. Reduce your risk of downtime. And focus on business innovation.

News and events

Cisco training on demand course

Explore features and advantages through the DNA Center Assurance workflow.

Workshop: Cisco Intelligent Capture

Keep past RF glitches out of your wireless future.

Wireless Assurance on TechWiseTV

The “geeks you can trust” show you how to simplify and improve wireless.

See into the future with network assurance

Get the information you need, and be confident that your network can handle whatever is coming its way.

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