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Enterprise Campus Security

Enterprise Campus Security

Implementing security within a campus network.

SAFE - Enterprise Campus Security

This design represents a chapter of the overall SAFE Design Guide. The enterprise campus is the portion of the infrastructure that provides network access to end users and devices located at the same geographical location. It may span over several floors in a single building, or over multiple buildings covering a larger geographical area. The campus typically connects to a network core that provides access to the other parts of the network such as data centers, WAN edge, other campuses, and the Internet edge modules.

From a security perspective, the following are the key requirements to be satisfied by the campus design:

  • Service availability and resiliency
  • Prevent unauthorized access, network abuse, intrusions, data leak, and fraud
  • Ensure data confidentiality, integrity, and availability
  • Ensure user segmentation
  • Enforce access control
  • Protect the endpoints
  • Protect the infrastructure
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