Cisco Connected Assets

Automate Workloads

Automatically measure asset utilization, state, and errors. (PDF - 2 MB)

Automate Workloads

Get the Most from Your High-Value Assets

Cisco Connected Assets for Sites uses the capability of Cisco fog computing, industrial routers, IP cameras, and Cisco Asset Management for Sites software to provide visibility into remote, unmanned assets. Cisco Asset Management for Sites software provides real-time asset identification, location, tracking, monitoring, analysis of asset consumption and availability, physical security features, and energy management of cell sites and substations from a single consolidated view.

Benefits of Cisco Connected Assets for Sites

Connected Assets for Sites prevents downtime, saves operational expenditures, reduces workloads, and identifies problems at remote sites:

  • Prevents downtime and costly repairs, catching copper and fuel thieves, and vandals in real time by remotely monitoring assets through sensors and videos
  • Accumulates operational-expenditures (OpEx) savings by managing by exception rather than dispatching technicians for routine maintenance
  • Reduces the workload for routine site checks by measuring the asset condition: utilization, temperature, errors, power/battery state, and other reportable attributes associated with high-value assets
  • Identifies trouble sites with historical trending so that a new policy can be created to better manage the site