Digital Manufacturing

The factory of the future is already here.‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬

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The road to smart manufacturing

Manufacturers are improving business operations with the power of industrial security and industrial Ethernet.

  • Lag time in IIoT adoption due to cybersecurity concerns

    Lag time in IIoT adoption due to cybersecurity concerns

    Source: “Holistic Security for Connected Manufacturing”
  • IoT endpoints by 2020

    IoT endpoints by 2020

    Source: Data management in digital manufacturing
  • Plan to deploy IoT capabilities in three years

    Plan to deploy IoT capabilities in three years

    Source: "How Greater Industrial Network Connectivity Transforms Operations"
DNA for Manufacturing

DNA for Manufacturing

We can help you get network-wide insights for smarter operations.

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Hear from our manufacturing customers

Hear from our customers

"This has been a game changer for our business. We completely recouped our initial investment in just nine months and saved more than $1M in the first year."

Ayako Wilson, Senior General Manager, AWNC

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Connect my factory

Reduce downtime, increase productivity, and maintain industry compliance.

Secure my factory

Unify industrial security for IT and OT applications.

Connect my workers

Accelerate innovation across teams.

Digitize your manufacturing operations

Visualize your digital factory

Visualize your digital factory

Use our interactive maps to plan your IoT project with industrial networking best practices.

Design for the future

Design for the future

Find out how an automaker implemented a state-of-the-art plant. (PDF - 579 KB)

Training and resources

Training and resources

Gain On Demand access to training, webinars and other resources to help digitize your factory.

Discover your Industrial IoT Readiness

Discover your Industrial IoT Readiness

Take a quick assessment to see where you rank on Industrial IoT readiness.

A Digital Factory Core

A Digital Factory Core

What to look for in a network foundation

Collaboration solutions in action

Collaboration solutions in action

Discover why modern manufacturing requires collaboration to drive production and streamline processes.

Cisco Manufacturing technical workshop

Join Cisco experts for a one-day manufacturing workshop. Discover real-world applications that will help you gain insights and best practices for improving operations, driving innovation, and reducing risk to make your business a market leader.

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Technical manufacturing
The factory of tomorrow, today

The factory of tomorrow, today

Security, safety, and risk are growing concerns for your operation. Where do you begin?

Get a security strategy