City Infrastructure Financing Acceleration Program

City Infrastructure Financing Acceleration Program

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Financing for smart cities and urban services

The City Infrastructure Financing Acceleration Program (CIFAP) offers $1 billion in debt and equity capital to cities and operators of urban services for financing innovative smart city technology. We provide CIFAP through Cisco Capital and its financing partners: private equity firm Digital Alpha Advisors, APG Asset Management, and Whitehelm Capital.


What is CIFAP?

What is CIFAP?

Understand the program: How it works, who is eligible, and which projects qualify.

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Finance your smart city technology with the following plans:

  • Traditional loans and leases. Pay for your infrastructure investment over time, taking advantage of low interest rates.
  • Consumption-based financing. Pay for technology based on usage. Increase or decrease capacity as needed.
  • “As a service” financing. Rather than purchasing technology, consume it as a service.
  • Concession financing. Gain the benefits of technology at little or no cost while getting the incremental revenue or cost savings generated.

For operators of urban services, additional options include:

  • Revenue share financing. Obtain funding for your technology investments in exchange for a share of the revenues from your customer contracts.  Revenues may be committed or uncommitted.
  • Equity financing. Scale your business across multiple cities with capital and expertise from a strategic private equity partner.