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Delivering care wherever and whenever it's needed

When Mercy wanted a way to reach more patients in more places, they turned to technology for the answer. With virtual care, Mercy Virtual medical teams have an always-on view of their patients—ultimately making a lot of people healthier.




Mercy Virtual



Improving the patient experience

Mercy worked hand in hand with World Wide Technology (WWT) to extend their mission beyond the confines of traditional care. For example, Mercy Virtual’s Engagement@Home program gives caregivers a vastly superior sense of how patients are doing—no matter how far away they are from their physician's office or hospital. Better care with fewer trips away from home result in happier, healthier patients.

The modern house call

Everything in an Engagement@Home kit connects patient data with Mercy Virtual’s network.


Americans die from stroke each year. Blood pressure monitors can detect signs early on.2

58.1 MIN

is the average U.S. emergency room wait. An iPad allows for quick triage 24/7.3


is the minimum safe oxygen saturation level. A pulse oximeter alerts doctors to dangerous drops.4

2-3 LBS

in sudden weight gain suggests fluid retention. The scale can uncover daily fluctuations.5

Within a year of introducing the Virtual Care Center, Mercy Virtual started seeing results:


reduction in preventable readmissions for Engagement@Home patients.


fewer days spent in the hospital with virtual care.


fewer septic shock deaths occurred in patients being treated remotely.

How does additional data change patient outcomes?

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Real innovation isn’t off the shelf.

What do you do when you need to integrate and expand existing healthcare IT solutions and healthcare data solutions, and make sure your network can handle it all? You turn to the experts. With the help of WWT, Mercy is able to innovate as fast as needs change.

See how the right partners make digital transformation possible.

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WWT and Cisco are working to solve the world’s biggest problems.
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Technology solutions are transforming the healthcare industry.
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The glue that holds it all together

With so many specialized solutions in place, there are a lot of potential gaps in healthcare software and applications. Thanks to WWT Asynchrony Labs, Mercy now has an evolving custom software infrastructure that can handle whatever care teams throw at it.

World Wide Technology asynchrony labs

The power of partnerships

Big data & analytics in virtual care

There's never been a

Better Time

  1. Mercy Virtual treated more than 500,000 patients in 2016.
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